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    Oct. 30, 2020, 6:49 p.m.

    To learn Japanese, it is not important to go through official classes. It is easy to buy a Japanese language book that best suits one's choice for learning, as it is mainly self-discipline that we want to practise.

    When you search through different learning books and you find one that flows with the way you want to learn, just buy it! Refrain from keeping too many books to read and concentrate on which you may not have the time.

    Underline the words you have trouble understanding and highlight them.

    Look for friends who are good at Japanese and ask them.

    Practice the lessons of writing and listening.

    Kanji characters require more time than writing and speaking, and more individual effort. To assist with memorising the characters, purchase proper Kanji textbooks while studying Kanji. Learn to recall them and practise them more.

    Of course, to circumvent the actual time and effort, you can pay an exorbitant sum of cash, but this is a risk. When it does not go through successfully, you will lose huge amount of money and get your hopes dashed. What we need to understand is that in this world, there is nothing instant. Try to stop private independent Japanese language tests and take the JLPT certificate provided by The Japan Foundation ONLY.

    Note, the JLPT tests are of high quality and are easily recognised globally as the Japanese government agencies are stringent in controlling the standard of the tests.